Moving Checklist for Residential Moves

Moving Checklist for Residential Moves

If you are planning an upcoming move, this printable moving checklist can help. Print it and check off each task when completed.

Move Preparation

  • Request estimates from moving companies, select your mover and schedule the move.
  • Create a file to store receipts, bill of landing, mover contact information, household inventory and any other papers related to the move.
  • Make travel arrangements for your family, pets and live plants.
  • Plan menus to use any food items you will not be moving, including all perishables.
  • If self-packing, purchase moving cartons and packing materials. Purchase wardrobe cartons for any clothes you plan to keep wrinkle-free on hangers.
  • Host yard sale or donate to charity any items you do not plan to move.
  • If traveling by automobile, have it serviced.
  • Fill any prescriptions needed until after settled in the new home.
  • Schedule disconnect of utilities.
  • Prepare and send moving announcements to family and friends.
  • Host a going away party for children.
  • Give away any live plants you cannot transport yourself.
  • Return any library books.
  • Clean drapes and rugs.
  • Before moving day, dispose of all flammables, combustibles and poisons that cannot be shipped such as cleaning fluids, matches, paint, grill propane tanks, bleach, etc.
  • Submit change of address form to post office.

Notify About the Move

  • Physicians and Dentist. Ask for a referral in the area you are moving to and request copies of records.
    Schools. Notify current schools, contact new schools for enrollment information, and arrange for transfer of records.
  • Insurance agent(s). Ask if policy changes are required.
  • Attorney.
  • Local clubs and organizations. Cancel any memberships.
  • Veterinarian. Obtain pet records.
  • Service technician. Schedule preparation of major appliances for shipment.
  • Any financial institutions you do business with including bank, auto finance, credit union, and credit card companies.
  • Service providers for garbage, dry cleaning, pool and lawn care, dog walking, etc.
  • Any companies you have subscriptions with such as newspapers, magazines, Blockbuster/Netflix, etc.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • All utility companies.
  • Social Security Administration.
  • Veterans Administration

Packing the Home

  • Complete high value inventory form. If you do not have one, contact your moving representative.
  • Pack and mark boxes with items you will need immediately upon arrival in the new home as well as any items you plan to take with you rather than in the moving truck. Keep separate from other household goods.
  • Remove from drawers all breakables, spillables and any items not to be loaded on a moving truck.
  • Remove CDs, DVDs, etc. from electronics.
  • Empty water from steam iron.
  • Remove all batteries from electronics and small appliances before packing.
  • Wind any electrical cords and fasten so they will not dangle.
  • Leave any boxes with high-value items open for mover inspection.
  • Mark each moving carton with the room its contents belong in.
  • Label all moving cartons containing breakables as FRAGILE.
  • Bundle broom, mop and long-handle garden tools together.
  • Remove any gasoline/oil from lawn mowers, heaters, gas grills and generators.
  • Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer. Defrost freezer 24 hours in advance.

Last Minute Tasks

  • Make sure the movers have your cell phone number, exact address of new home and directions, and that you have your moving file with the mover’s contact information plus any essentials you are carrying with you.
  • Do a final check of all rooms, closets, cabinets, garage and yard.
  • Check to be sure all windows are locked.
  • Turn off all lights, furnace/air conditioning and lock doors.
  • Check mail one final time.
  • Surrender house keys.
  • Take one last photo of your home before leaving.